Drain and Pipe Relining

If your drain pipe is damaged in a particular section, pipe relining may be used to repair root-damaged pipes, It seal cracks and holes. For small repairs, we offer patch lining we insert a lining precisely on the damaged area of a drain using an inversion pump. It simply seals, strengthens and preserves pipelines restoring it back to as new.

If a pipe runs of over 20 metres there are two methods of relining that we can offer, either water inversion on 4inch pipes which is a cheaper method for minor damage or full line air inversion for major damage Water inversion is the cheaper method over full line air inversion but it depends on the scale of damage

Feel free to contact us 24/7 so we can sort of a free quote and repair your pipes as soon as possible.

At three countie drainage we meet new people every day. We are delighted when clients have the time to write us a little note appreciating our work and prompt services.

“…I had a huge water bill and needed to get the problem fixed fast. Three Counties Drainage came on the same day I called and found the problem with ease, within 4 hours everything was all fixed with little cost.”

Mark Jacob

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