Three Counties Gutters and Gullies

The main causes of blocked gutters are fallen leaves and debris and dirt from the roof, which if left to accumulate in the gutter become a sodden and clump then begin to decompose which forms bedding for plant life.

The gutter consequently has to support far more weight than it was designed for, it in turn exacerbates the original problem. If water is not free flowing it can cause cosmetic and structural damage to all surfaces of your home including brick, wood, paint and cement. Repair of these surfaces can be very expensive. Clearing the gutters can be extremely dangerous work but our specialized workmen are trained to be as safe as possible and there are an alarming number of fatalities every year from people trying to clear their gutters 

Please don’t hesitate to call our experts in the knowledge that you are safe and that the job is being done properly.

At three countie drainage we meet new people every day. We are delighted when clients have the time to write us a little note appreciating our work and prompt services.

“..I was so stressed when water started to pour into my door as my gutters where blocked with leafs, the team came over in the dark and fixed the problem at hardly any cost.”

Mr S Parry

Get help with blockages, pipes, sinks, toilets and baths without delay...

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