Drain and Pipe Laying

Usually there are two types of pipes plastic or clayware, which handling, cutting, and jointing vary for each pipe. Also there are different ways of bedding for the drainage designed to suit all sorts of ground conditions. We know the knowledge and experience to lay all the different types. Sometimes piping can be too old to repair. In these circumstances we can replace old for new. We also offer the service to lay pipes connecting to toilets and washbasins.

You can be reassured that they will be laid properly and professionally to a high standard. Please feel free to call for a no obligation quote appointment.

At three countie drainage we meet new people every day. We are delighted when clients have the time to write us a little note appreciating our work and prompt services.

“…Brilliant service at a great price, highly recommended.”

Arthur Williams

Get help with blockages, pipes, sinks, toilets and baths without delay...

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